Ever since I was a little girl, food has played a major role in my life. It has produced feelings of excitement, misery, overwhelming enjoyment and just plain confusion!
I couldn't see a way out of the daily struggle that existed between me and the double chocolate cake that insisted on calling my name.
One day that changed. I've experienced an incredible turnaround; sending me on a journey that resulted in a life altering and life saving miracle.
'Lose Your Weight, Not Your "Freaking" Mind!!' is my first self-published memoir of the personal struggles and successes on the road to recovery and the joy of finally discovering a happy, healthy weight.  I'm proud to have maintained my current weight  for over five years.
I sincerely hope that you find strength and encouragement in my story, or even share a laugh or two along the way. If you have ever struggled with your weight, I want to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If I did it, believe me, you can do it too.
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